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Around the World – Travel Guides & BLogs

March 31, 2008

Around the World – Travel Guides & BLogs

Please take a few minutes to travel around the world.
That’s right! Using the Video Guides you can experience a unique desktop journey to the most exotic places on Earth.

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This great web 2.0 experience includes exciting travel stories, localized best-spots to check out, upload your own travel clips and store your travel diaries — for FREE!

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Key reasons to join up today @

  • Real Live Video Guides – the best in the world!!

Instead of reading and imagining your ultimate destination click & view the many video guides.

  • Travel Diaries – online private diary feature; embrace your experiences & daily photos and most important…you choose who to give access to!
  • Home made clips – is your computer loaded up with travel video clips? We all have digital camera clips. Put them to good use. Share them at
  • Forums – learn from the locals in each continent or hidden locations. Choose a continent & country to ask questions about, open a new thread and our system will deliver it to the locals in the target destination.
  • and much more…
  • >>> Oh, and did we forget to mention? its free!

In case you are not convinced check out the Travel & Trekking Quiz.

This quiz highlights only a few of the amazing and very personal journeys. Anyone can embed and add to it easily. Go for it! Share your travel thoughts.

Either post this url on your blog/site or ‘Grab’ the embed code & insert it on your site for fun & great content!

Upload your own or just watch other trekkers.

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An Effective Treatment for Shin Splints – Shin Sleeve

April 24, 2007

Shin Sleeve™ is a nonlatex neoprene sleeve that provides compression while supporting lower leg muscles and tissue. Effective treatment of inflammation and pain associated with stress on lower leg. Excellent for use in sport activities or by people with excessive biomechanical pronation or supination of foot. Lightweight and easy to pull onto lower leg.

Provides compression treatment for medial tibial stress syndrome (shin splints), bruises and muscle strains.

When purchasing a shin sleeve you need your calf measurement.

Small Calf Circumference: 12-14″

Medium Calf Circumference: 14-15″

Large Calf Circumference: 16-17″

X-Large Calf Circumference: 17-19″
Shin Sleeve sold at


March 26, 2007


If you travel to colder climates, have potential deep-water accidents, or are traveling or cruising for months at sea, you need to have this specialized thermometer with you.

The worlds first digital hypothermia thermometer ADTEMP 419 Hypothermia thermometer features an extended range –  78.0F-111.9F .2F or 26.0C – 43.9C .1C. One of the best features of the ADC419 is the auto off function which helps conserve battery life. The replaceable 1.55v (LR41) type battery provides up to 1,500 measurements.