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Jobri DYNAIR Premium Seat Wedge

March 18, 2009

A New Dimension in Sitting

The Dynair Premium Seat Cushion provides the benefits of the classic wedge cushion and ball cushion in one perfect product.

Ergonomically shaped to encourage an upright posture, strengthen the back muscles and assist with back pain relief. Uniform pressure distribution also makes for pleasant thigh support.


  • 2 sided – Soft flat side for sitting, and soft knobbly side may be used for foot and back massage.
  • Air pump provided for individual air regulation
  • Includes an exercise instruction sheet for a variety of exercises while seated (developed by an internationally renowned therapist)
  • Ideal for children & teenagers at school, in the office and at home.


  • Diameter: approx. 40cm
  • Incline from front 3cm ~ 7cm

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PillowMD™ Rejuvenating Rest

January 29, 2007


The PillowMD™ line of ergonomically designed sleep support from Battle Creek Equipment gently cradles your head to ease pain and stiffness, promote proper breathing, reduce muscle tension and let you take advantage of Mother Nature’s best therapy – rejuvenating rest!

Firm outer edges are two different widths, while center area features two densities of foam for a ‘custom fit’ specifically suited to your needs. Provides support and alignment of the spine, beneficial in treatment of neck, shoulder and lower back discomfort, TMJ, pinched nerves or arthritis. Generous 27 inch x 16 inch x 5 inch size fits Standard pillowcase. Hypo-allergenic.

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