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CTS Exercise Carpal Tunnel Stretch

March 29, 2007

The CTS is a unique stretching device, designed by an Osteopathic physician. It is recommended by physicians, physical therapists, occupational therapist and other hand specialists around the country for stretching the tight soft tissue structures associated with carpal tunnel. The device is lightweight and easy to use. You simply place your hand in the device and press down for 3-5 seconds. Repeating this procedure several times a day will stretch the tight structures of the carpal tunnel.

CTS Exercise Carpal Tunnel Stretch is recommended by hand specialists for stretching the tight soft tissues associated with carpal tunnel. Device is lightweight and easy-to-use.

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Wristimer System Wrist Support

March 29, 2007

For Day

Hand Wash and Air Dry

Designed by an orthopedic hand surgeon, WrisTimer™ is the ideal dynamic support for occupational use . It’s unique finger and hand free design prevents damaging wrist flexion but allows healthy range of motion. This is the only brace that allows variable range of motion from 0 to 30 degrees. Full finger and hand grasping capability is maintained that enables full productivity at work. The WrisTimer PM™ maintains neutral wrist positioning during sleep. Provides optimum relief of CTS. The Curved Aluminum Support holds the wrist in a neutral position to reduce inflammation. The brace forms to the hand, wrist, and forearm. Extremely comfortable foam padding protects with soft, breathable cushion for comfort during sleep.

WrisTimer AM™ with Magnets wrist support provides therapeutic treatment during day. Finger and hand free design allows healthy range of motion and avoids damaging wrist flexion during work or activity. Elastic wristband adjusts easily for stable and comfortable wrist compression while finger loop adjustsfor desired range of motion. Designed by an orthopedic surgeon, WrisTimer® is an ideal dynamic support for occupational use. Used by leading companies for prevention and rehabilitation of carpal tunnel syndrome and other repetitive stress injuries, research studies show preventing damaging flexion while allowing healthy range of motion during activity is desirable. Now with the therapeutic benefits of magnets, use for repetitive stress injuries, post-op rehab, carpal tunnel syndrome and prevention of potential damaging flexion during activity.WrisTimer PM® with Magnets is the perfect companion support to use at night.

For correct size, measure over bony prominence at wrist.

WrisTimer PM™ with Magnets wrist support provides therapeutic treatment at night. Dorsal application allows a comfortable fit and prevents flexion of the wrist. Aluminum stay holds the wrist in a neutral position to reduce inflammation and provides support following surgery. WrisTimer PM™ with Magnets maintains a neutral wrist positioning during sleep plus adds the benefit of magnet therapy. Research studies show maintaining a neutral position during sleep provides optimum relief and treatment of RSI symptoms. Use for repetitive stress injuries, post-op rehab, carpal tunnel syndrome and improving patient compliance at night. WrisTimer® with Magnets is the perfect companion for wear during the day.

Daytime and Nighttime WrisTimer are available in the following wrist sizes at
WrisTimer Day (Small, Medium, Large)
WrisTimer Night (One Size Fits All)

Drive Exercise Peddler Stay in Shape on the Go

March 26, 2007

Drive Exercise Peddler

Ideal for toning leg or arm muscles. Comes with four anti-slip rubber pads that prevent sliding. This exercise peddeler stimulates circulation. It is a safe and gentle form of low impact exercise. The drive exercise peddler is compact for storage and easy transport. It has a polished chrome finish and tension that can be adjusted. Because it is so portable you can take advantage of the health benefits of cycling at home or on the go. The drive exercise peddler comes completely assembled.

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March 26, 2007


If you travel to colder climates, have potential deep-water accidents, or are traveling or cruising for months at sea, you need to have this specialized thermometer with you.

The worlds first digital hypothermia thermometer ADTEMP 419 Hypothermia thermometer features an extended range –  78.0F-111.9F .2F or 26.0C – 43.9C .1C. One of the best features of the ADC419 is the auto off function which helps conserve battery life. The replaceable 1.55v (LR41) type battery provides up to 1,500 measurements.


SPO Medical Check Mate Sports and Aviation Pulse Oximeter

March 22, 2007

 SPO Medical Check Mate Pulse Oximeter

 Check Mate answers the sports and aviation markets’ demand for a lightweight, inexpensive monitor for measuring SPO2 oxygen saturation and heart rate during physically active and high-altitude activities. It offers the user a greater ability to monitor these vital signs under motion and is less expensive than most available devices.


SPO Medical’s patented reflectance pulse oximetry (RPO) technology is what allows Check Mate to effectively monitor an athlete’s SPO2 during such activities as: * Mountain Climbing
* High-Altitude Street Cycling
* Light Jogging, Speed Walking and Running

Check Mate will monitor SPO2 in almost any physical activity that does not include significant arm swinging (e.g., jumping jacks). For most athletes, a little learning goes a long way: after a few hours of experimenting with various movements, athletes quickly learn how to use Check Mate in almost any activity.


Pilots love Check Mate because it allows them to quickly assess their SPO2 while flying at high altitudes. Hypoxia can be a pilot’s worst enemy, and Check Mate is a low-cost product which gives pilots peace of mind.

Check Mate also has an optional pouch that is rugged, zippered shut to prevent loss under extreme physical activities. Its semi-rigid, soft shell construction allows for safe storage as well as comfort to the wearer.

 SPO Medical Check Mate Pulse Oximeter

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MicroBeads the best Soultion for Moist Heat

March 14, 2007

Microwaveable Moist Heat Pad Neck Wrap

These amazing MicroBeads represent a major development in moist heat technology. Without wires or added water, MicroBeads will produce moist heat using the convenience of a microwave oven. MicroBeads are not made of gel, liquid or wheat.

MicroBeads will not rupture, leak or eventually dry out. MicroBeads are designed to offer safety and convenience. When heated in the microwave, MicroBeads release their retained moisture, providing therapeutic moist heat. After the treatment, MicroBeads will absorb moisture back from the air, ready to be used again. With proper care, MicroBeads will give you effective Moist Heat repeatedly.

The MicroBeads have been stitched into a soft fabric that is designed to allow the maximum release of moisture and is shaped to fit to the body’s contours.  The  Moist Heat Pad/Neck Pad includes a convenient, washable cover.


Q- How do I wash my Moist Heat Pack or Neck Wrap?
A- Do not wash your Moist Heat Pad or Neck Wrap. That’s why a washable cover is included for cleanliness. The surface of the pad may be cleaned using a mild cleanser and a damp cloth. If MicroBeads receive an excessive amount of water, they will not function and produce Moist Heat. If you do not have a washable cover, wrap it in a towel before use.

Q- Can I place the Moist Heat Pad or Neck Wrap Product in the microwave with the cover on?
A- No. The cover supplied should be used only for cleanliness. You must not put the cover in the microwave with your Moist Heat Pad

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Omron HEM629 Portable Blood Pressure Monitor

March 8, 2007

Taking your blood pressure is easy with the portable wrist monitor. Simply wrap the cuff around the wrist, and press START. In seconds, your blood pressure and pulse are displayed on the large digital panel. Portable, accurate and simple to use, the Omron HEM629 Portable Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor provides a convenient choice for those who want a portable blood pressure monitor for away from home or who have trouble placing a cuff on their arm.


New and improved, now with 60 reading storage and new SigmaCuff technology

60 memory storage with time/date stamp
Average reading feature gives average of up to 3 previous readings
New SigmaCuff technology determines the correct amount of pressure required for fast, accurate measurement
Automatic inflation and deflation
Clinically proven accuracy
Measures blood pressure from the wrist
Attached cuff for wrist sizes 5 1/4 to 8 1/2 inches
Operates on 2 AAA batteries (included)
Includes illustrated user’s manual and hard plastic case
Five year warranty

Comfortable, fast blood pressure measurement
Personalized inflation every single time, regardless of arm size, blood pressure or time of day. Accurate blood pressure measurements with the simple push of a button – no adjustments necessary.

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Protectors for Casts and Bandages

March 2, 2007

Active SEAL™ is a safe, economical protector for casts and bandages during recreational water activities or daily showering and bathing. Easy application eliminates the need for pumps, velcro straps and adhesive tapes that may irritate skin. Made of TPE, a high performance thermoplastic elastomer that stretches easily, Active SEAL™ maintains a waterproof seal. Reusable and folds compactly. With normal care, lasts for three to four weeks of daily usage. May be affected by chemicals and heat. Use for swimming, water sports, whirlpools, hot tubs, showering or bathing to protect casts and bandages. Active seals are made of reusable, non-latex material and are easy to apply.

This comfortable waterproof protector simply slips over the cast or dressing on either the lower leg or arm to protect them when taking a bath or shower. The cast protectors are re-usable and are intended for single patient use only. Not suitable for use with open or undressed wounds or when swimming.

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