Foam Rollers Work

Top 5 Foam Roller Exercises

The Foam Roller is a simple and effective tool used for balance and alignment.  A foam roller helps in developing core stabilization, stamina, and body awareness.  Foam rollers are excellent exercise tools. They can be very effective props in pilates and other exercise classes and  they are fun to experiment with.

Foam rollers do provide a compression massage which does improve circulation. By placing the large muscles you wish to compress on the roller and allowing your your body’s weight to press them into the hard foam, you improve circulation and loosen tight body knots in your muscles and tendons ensuring  proper muscle quality.

Foam Rollers come in different sizes

Foam Rolling:

You place the roller between your muscle and the floor and use your body weight to gently and slowly roll for the entire length of your muscle.

When you reach a painful spot, stop rolling and use your body weight to press down. Hold that spot until the pain goes away. If the pain does not seem to go away, don’t worry, just continue rolling and hit all of your “spots”.

Start off slow eventually it will be come a part of your exercise routine and you find relief and start feeling better all over!

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