Nosebleed Ice Pack for your First Aid Kit

A nosebleed can be pretty scary, especially if you don’t have them that often. But even those who suffer from frequent nosebleeds find them unnerving.
But a nosebleed usually isn’t that serious. And, by using a few simple home remedies, you can usually stop a nosebleed minutes after it started.

Holding your head back isn’t the best remedy for a nosebleed. Many people think the best way to stop a nosebleed is to hold your head back. But doing this will only cause you to swallow blood, which could cause nausea. It could also make you choke, cough, or gag. So, this is one nosebleed home remedy you should avoid.

Instead, sit up straight, with your head tilted slightly forward to prevent blood from running down your throat. You also shouldn’t lie down on your back if you have a nosebleed. Gently blow your nose. Gently blowing your nose will help clear out any blood clots that might be preventing a blood vessel from sealing
naturally. Pinch your nostrils closed to stop a nosebleed.

Use your thumb and forefinger to gently pinch the soft part of your nose shut for five or ten minutes, breathing through your mouth. (Use a napkin to catch any drips that squeeze through.) This will almost always stop a nosebleed.

If your nosebleed hasn’t stopped after the first five or ten minutes, try pinching your nostrils again for another ten or fifteen minutes. If the bleeding hasn’t stopped, you should head for the doctor’s office or emergency room.

Placing a cold cloth across the bridge of your nose will constrict blood vessels, and help stem the blood flow. Or use an ice pack. Nosebudd is a unique ice pack that will fit comfortably over the nose providing both cold and support to help end nosebleeds quickly and effectively. If your nosebleed was caused by a blow to the nose, applying ice will help slow the bleeding and reduce the swelling. The cold will also help blood clot a little faster. Wrap some ice cubes in a towel and gently rest it against your nose if you do not have a Nosebleed Ice Pack.

When to see a doctor

Usually, a nosebleed isn’t that serious. However, you should see a doctor if:
* You’ve applied pressure (pinched you nostrils) for the suggested amount of time, but your nosebleed still hasn’t
* Your nosebleed is severe, and blood is gushing out of your nose.

NoseBudd is a great ice pack to have in your first aid kit. NoseBudd is a reusable device designed for application to the nose during a nosebleed. In order for the product to work properly, it must be placed in a freezer until the gel has become sufficiently frozen (at least 30-45 min. prior to use). NoseBudd is designed to locate cold only where it is necessary in order to stop nasal bleeding.
Unlike a bag of ice, NoseBudd applies cold in the specific areas of the nose where bleeding occurs – which avoids cold and numbing of the face. It is non-toxic and reusable.

Nosebudd Nosebleed Stopper Sold at

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9 Responses to “Nosebleed Ice Pack for your First Aid Kit”

  1. chameya Says:

    hi my name is chameya and i am in school to become a medical assistant and i ahve a project to do. i NEED to make my own first aid kit about myself. so i throught it would be a good idea for me to make one about my son and his noseblleds. so i was wondering do you have any suggestions on what i should put in a first aid kit for nose bleeds?

  2. Førstehjælp Says:

    great article, I know what to do now… thanks for sharing!

    Førstehjælp ved tilskadekomst

  3. John Says:

    thanks for the post…i get nosebleeds constantly and I’ll have to pick this up

  4. Mutlu Says:

    Look at Blood Stopper on

  5. MAREBARE Says:

    Pinch nose, ice pack, try to do over a sink. If gets on anything, shirt, pants,…, wash in COLD water.

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  8. Ciara Montegut Says:

    The medical term for nosebleed is epistaxis. We can also say nasal hemorrhage. The human nose, and those of many animals are rich in blood vessels. Because of the position of the nose – right in the middle of the face – and all its blood vessels, most of us will have had at least one nosebleed at some time during our lives. –

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  9. Ola Says:

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