SPO Medical Check Mate Sports and Aviation Pulse Oximeter

 SPO Medical Check Mate Pulse Oximeter

 Check Mate answers the sports and aviation markets’ demand for a lightweight, inexpensive monitor for measuring SPO2 oxygen saturation and heart rate during physically active and high-altitude activities. It offers the user a greater ability to monitor these vital signs under motion and is less expensive than most available devices.


SPO Medical’s patented reflectance pulse oximetry (RPO) technology is what allows Check Mate to effectively monitor an athlete’s SPO2 during such activities as: * Mountain Climbing
* High-Altitude Street Cycling
* Light Jogging, Speed Walking and Running

Check Mate will monitor SPO2 in almost any physical activity that does not include significant arm swinging (e.g., jumping jacks). For most athletes, a little learning goes a long way: after a few hours of experimenting with various movements, athletes quickly learn how to use Check Mate in almost any activity.


Pilots love Check Mate because it allows them to quickly assess their SPO2 while flying at high altitudes. Hypoxia can be a pilot’s worst enemy, and Check Mate is a low-cost product which gives pilots peace of mind.

Check Mate also has an optional pouch that is rugged, zippered shut to prevent loss under extreme physical activities. Its semi-rigid, soft shell construction allows for safe storage as well as comfort to the wearer.

 SPO Medical Check Mate Pulse Oximeter

SPO Check Mate CM1000 Finger Pulse Oximeter  Sold at MedEx01.com

SPO CC1000-1 Orange Pulse Oximeter Belt Case  Sold at MedEx01.com

4 Responses to “SPO Medical Check Mate Sports and Aviation Pulse Oximeter”

  1. singlepilot.net » SPO Medical Check Mate Sports and Aviation Pulse Oximeter Says:

    […] post by mindwellness and software by Elliott […]

  2. Doug Snider Says:

    I’m a pilot & use the SPO Check mate. The battery appears to be flat. It comes on for a second & then off. Is it owner serviceable? How do I open it?

    Thanks, Doug

  3. Alex Says:

    This Pulse oximeter is available at http://www.santamedical.net

  4. Advanced SpO2(oxygen saturation) Says:

    SpO2(oxygen saturation) is an impact one to the medical technology!

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