MicroBeads the best Soultion for Moist Heat

Microwaveable Moist Heat Pad Neck Wrap

These amazing MicroBeads represent a major development in moist heat technology. Without wires or added water, MicroBeads will produce moist heat using the convenience of a microwave oven. MicroBeads are not made of gel, liquid or wheat.

MicroBeads will not rupture, leak or eventually dry out. MicroBeads are designed to offer safety and convenience. When heated in the microwave, MicroBeads release their retained moisture, providing therapeutic moist heat. After the treatment, MicroBeads will absorb moisture back from the air, ready to be used again. With proper care, MicroBeads will give you effective Moist Heat repeatedly.

The MicroBeads have been stitched into a soft fabric that is designed to allow the maximum release of moisture and is shaped to fit to the body’s contours.  The  Moist Heat Pad/Neck Pad includes a convenient, washable cover.


Q- How do I wash my Moist Heat Pack or Neck Wrap?
A- Do not wash your Moist Heat Pad or Neck Wrap. That’s why a washable cover is included for cleanliness. The surface of the pad may be cleaned using a mild cleanser and a damp cloth. If MicroBeads receive an excessive amount of water, they will not function and produce Moist Heat. If you do not have a washable cover, wrap it in a towel before use.

Q- Can I place the Moist Heat Pad or Neck Wrap Product in the microwave with the cover on?
A- No. The cover supplied should be used only for cleanliness. You must not put the cover in the microwave with your Moist Heat Pad

Sold at Medex01.com

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