Tuli’s Full Length Insoles Road Runners

RoadRunners are a premium replacement insole that come with Tuli’s unique waffle design combined with special formulated polyurethane and Poron material actually stores and releases impact energy. This can improve physical performance while protecting your feet and body from shock as well as reducing fatigue. It may also lower the incident of injury. The built-in arch support stabilizer provides support for greater stability.

Tuli’s full length insoles relieves:

Painful heel conditions and heel spurs
Sore, tired burning, aching feet
Shin Splints
Painful legs, ankles and knees
Painful neck and backaches
Arthritic Joints
Painful feet and legs due to overweight and/or pregnancy

Ideal for these athletic activities – Aerobics, Baseball, Basketball, Football, Golfing, hiking, Racquet Ball, Roller Blading, Running, Soccer, Tennis, and Walking.

Buy Tuli Foot Products at MedEx01.com

One Response to “Tuli’s Full Length Insoles Road Runners”

  1. Jeff Lin Says:

    we are MYEM International Co., Ltd.
    A shoe insoles import & export trading company~
    I am very interesting in this type product which you post on the web.
    could you please send a sample to me? hope we have more business on this~

    best regards,

    MYEM International co., ltd.
    Contact: Jeff Lin
    Mobile: +886-952-901-118
    email: pielapay@gmail.com
    address: No.432, Dasheng St., Situn District, Taichung City 407, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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