BCI 3303 Hand-Held Pulse Oximeter

The BCI 3303 hand held pulse oximeter incorporates a visible and audible high/low alarm system to alert users to changes in pulse rate and oxygen saturation percentage. It is used during monitoring situations like minor surgery and stress testing.

This unit is very portable and provides a continuous, or spot check pulse oximetry monitoring system with alarms and an internal rechargeable battery. Tough enough for field use with protective rubber boot. Ideal for use in the hospital or clinical environment during emergency air or land transportation.Features:

Easy-to-read LED display with adjustable brightness
Separate patient and system tones for recognition of patient alarms or monitor alerts
One-touch direct function keys for easy, no-menu operation
24-hour memory feature with on-screen recall for up to 99 patient
SpO2 and pulse rate readings
Internal rechargeable Ni-MH battery

MedEx01.com is a great resource for Hand Held Oximeters. They also carry top of the line finger pulse oximeters .


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    favor cotizar 05 oxiemtros BCI 3303

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